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KAMTHANE AQUA COLOUR TOP is a U.V. stable high performance aqueous Aliphatic polyurethane floor coating for various Industries.
KAMTHANE AQUA COLOUR TOP is a complex blend based on urethane polymers which produces systems with outstanding abrasion, impact and chemical resistance coupled with high degree of flexibility and is micro-porous allowing the substrate to breathe, unlike solvent based systems.
KAMTHANE AQUA COLOUR TOP is a polyurethane pre mixed hard wearing yet flexible surface coating designed for the long term protection of Industrial floors in factories, warehouses, car park decks, diaries, breweries, hygienic coatings for pharmaceuticals where long term maintenance-free protection is required.
KAMTHANE AQUA COLOUR TOP is produced to a silk sheen for maximizing light reflectivity whilst retaining easy to clean, non slip characteristics and reduction of glare.
KAMTHANE AQUA COLOUR TOP Systems are colour co-ordinated in the standard for optimum visibility of direction, line and parking bays and speed bump markings.
KAMTHANE AQUA COLOUR TOP adhesion to sub floor is not affected due to moisture, as it is a breathable water based system unlike its counterpart solvent based systems and is available in different shades.
Uses and application areas:  
• Industrial flooring
• Warehouse Floors.
• Car Park Decking.
• Residential Garages.
• Dairy and Hotel Industry.
• Non-slip rampways.
• Pedestrian walkways.
• Food Processing Plants.
• Helipads.
• Trafficable Roofs.
• Bridge Decks.
• Excellent wear, abrasion and impact resistance.
• Excellent crack bridging properties.
• Excellent flexibility, adhesion and durability.
• Excellent resistance to carbon dioxide permeation.
• Outstanding water and alkali resistance.
• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
• Suitable for use on bituminous, cementitious and resinous substrates alike.
• Hygienic ,non-tainting and U.V. stable.
• Micro-porous, vapour permeable and breathable coatings.
• Non toxic, Non flammable, Solvent free and Ecofriendly.
• Waterproof and Seamless coatings.
Application Procedure :
Clean the surface of all loose gravel, dirt, grease, oil and foreign matters with high pressure wash, for a good bond with the sub-floor. Prior to application, large blisters and surface breaks shall be slit and opened for the release of entrapped moisture then cemented properly wherever necessary.

Apply a primer coat using medium pile roller or similar with KAMTHANE PU PRIMER Followed with two coats ofKAMTHANE AQUA COLOUR TOP. It is extremely important to ensure that the previous coat is completely dry before application of next coat depending on the weather conditions. The coating should be applied evenly over the surface to ensure a regular film thickness. A final glossy/matt clear top coat to be applied with KAMTHANE K- 1492. Curing time of approx 72-120 hours depending on weather conditions is needed before allowing traffic or any further works.

Coverage : 6-8 sq.mts. for 2 coats per litre.
KAMTHANE AQUA COLOUR TOP will resist spillages of:

• Mineral oils, kerosene, gasoline, brake fluids and
high octane aviation fuels.
• Most organic solvents.
• Dilute acids like hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric
and sulphuric.
• Alkali solutions like sodium hydroxide, detergent
• Fats, oils and sugars.
Specific gravity 1.25

Abrasion resistance
( ASTM D4060 )

120 mgm weight loss per 1000 cycles.
Impact resistance
(BS 2782)
No failure ( 2 lbs load dropped 18 ins
Elongation 200 %
( ASTM D412 )  
Scrub Resistance greater than 10,000 cycles
( ASTM D2486 )  
Scratch Resistance No failure 5.5 lbs load
( BS3900 )  
Humidity resistance
( BS 3900 )
Uneffected 6000 hrs exposure
Water Absorbtion Nil
( CP.BM 2/67/2)  
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