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SEALCOAT (Application as an Exterior Coating)

Exterior Coatings - SEALCOAT
Waterproof Coating for Terrace
Is a heavy-duty; microfibre reinforced acrylic based flexible terrace waterproof coating. SEALCOAT is a three-coat system ensuring proper buildup of the thickness, making it a reliable waterproofing system.

Features & Benefits
* Better film thickness - Provides 1mm dry film thickness in 3 coats as compared to 300-400
   microns in 2 coats of other products.
* High Crack bridging ability - Bridges cracks upto 2 mm width as compared to 0.5 mm by other
* No need to remove existing sound BB coba, Plaster, concrete surface
* Can be used for flat as well as sloping roofs
* High tensile strength, tear resistance & bond strength - With cementitious substrates as
   compared to available products.
* No protective system - Required for roofs subjected to foot traffic.
* Good resistance - Against UV, Infrared rays and algal & fungal growth Light in weight
* Easy in application - Can be applied by roller.
* Non toxic, breathable & washable
* Aesthetic finish – Available on request in White, Dark Grey & Light Grey colours for different

20 litres pail
Technical Information
Properties Test Method Result
Solid Content TGA/DTA Analyser (69%)
Polymer Content TGA/DTA Analyser (35 %)
Hardness (Shore A) ASTM D 2240 : 2002 (80 Shore A)
Tensile Strength ASTM D 412 : 2002 2.6 N/mm2
Elongation at Break ASTM D 412 : 2002 100 %
UV Resistant - Accelerated
Weathering (2000 hours)
ASTM G 154 : 2000 Excellent : No thermal degradation,
Weathering (2000 hours) cracking,
chalking and discolouration
Adhesion Strength    
Water Vapour Transmission ASTM E 96 : 2000 19 g/m2 /day
Algae & Fungus Resistant SS 345 : 1998 No algae & fungus Growth
Crack Bridging ASTM C 836 : 1995(Adopted) a) No cracks up to 2 mm width
b) No cracks up to 1 mm (10 cycles)
Area Of Application:
* All new RCC flat and sloping roofs.
* Existing cementitious waterproofing treatments like brick-bat-coba, concrete screeds, acrylic
   coatings, etc.
Method of Application
Surface Preparation
* Prepare the surface thoroughly by cleaning, washing and removing dust, dirt, oil, grease and
   loose particles.
* Ensure that the roof slope is a minimum of 1 in 100.
* In existing old terraces such as brick-bat-coba or screeds, the substrate must be checked for
   its soundness. Damaged or hollow portions, sharp edges etc. must be cut and repaired with a
   polymer-modified screed. Surface cracks must be filled with polymer-modified mortar in case
   of wider cracks.
Application Procedure
* Apply one coat of SEALCOAT PRIMER (SEACOAT diluted with water in the ratio 1:1) at the
   rate of 12-15 sqm per litre. Allow it to dry for 2-3 hours
* Apply the first coat of SEALCOAT at the rate of 4 sq.m. per litre and allow it to dry before
   taking up the second and third coats, the rate of application being the same.
* The sequence of colours viz. White, Dark Grey and Light Grey can be decided depending on
   the desired top coat colour.
* In case only two colours are being used, ensure that the colour of the first and the third coat
   are the same. This would ensure correct consumption of material that will deliver a total DFT
   of 1 mm.
* Drying time between coats will be 6 - 8 hours
* Ensure that the primer and the 3 coats of SEALCOAT totally achieve a minimum thickness of
   1 mm DFT
* Allow the system to air cure for 7 days.
Cementitious Substrate Application of SEALCOAT
Application of 1st coat of
Roller Application of SEALCOAT Application of 2nd coat of
Application of 3rd of SEALCOAT    
Precautions & Limitations
* All corners, gaps, joints, protrusions & outlets shall be coated with two extra coats.
* Do not apply during rains; substrate MUST be in SSD condition for application of primer.
* The product is designed only for foot traffic, and not vehicular or movement of machinery or equipment.
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