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Texture Coatings & Roof Pointing Emulsions



Typical Properties
Nature Styrene acrylic APEO & NPE free copolymer dispersion
Product Specification Solids content 50 + 2 %
  Viscosity at 23+ C in Brookfield 500 - 4500
  Viscometer spindle 4 / 20 rpm  
  pH 7.5 - 9.0
Other properties of the
Density at 20 °C ca. 1.04 + 2 g/cm3
  Average particle size ca. 0.1- 0.12 m
  Minimum film-forming temperature 21 °C
  Dispersion type Anionic
  Miscibility with water Good
  Gloss effect Good
  Pigment binding capacity Excellent
Properties of the film Density at 20 °C ca. 1.05 g/cm3
  Glass transition temperature Tg 20 °C
  Surface Non-tacky
  Appearance Clear, transparent
  Resistance to ageing Good
Kamicryl-297 LV is used for the production of high-gloss to matt indoor and outdoor coatings for application on plaster, masonry, asbestos cement, concrete, wood, and other substrates. Moreover, Kamicryl-297 LV is used as an impregnating agent, primer, binder for textured finishes, base material for producing pasty construction adhesives ceramic tile adhesives, and as an additive for hydraulic binders.
Storage :
When kept in tightly closed containers in a cool but frost free place, Kamicryl-297 LV can be stored for 12 months
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