DuraTex Speaker Cabinet Texture Coating

DuraTex is a high performance protective texture coating with tremendous adhesion to wood and other substrates. It can be spray applied to create a tough, beautiful, weather resistant and easily maintained texture surface. DuraTex was designed to provide beauty and protection to wood speaker cabinets, road cases and other applications. DuraTex is a blend of highly technical polymers, and special LOW V.O.C coalescents for creating beautiful high relief spatter textures. DuraTex requires no special primers and is easily applied with Hopper Gun, HVLP Pressure pot, brush or textured roller. Available In Black or White, Spray or Roller Satin Finish and Custom Colors


  • Solids by Weight: 42/63%
  • Resin System: Urethane Modified Terpolymer
  • V.O.C.: 1.18#/Gal. (142g/L)
  • Solids by Volume: 39/49%
  • Weight per Gallon: 9.0#/11.5#
  • Cleanup: Soap and Water on fresh material, and Xylene or Toluene on dried material


    All substrates must be clean and dry with no oils, silicones, waxes or other contaminants. Sand surfaces before application and remove all sanding residue. Bare wood surfaces need not be primed; however a base coat of DuraTex can be applied as its own primer.


    By ROLLER Apply roller grade by brush or roller to evenly coat the surface. A heavy first coat followed by a lighter second coat will give a milder texture. A heavy second coat will produce a more aggressive texture. Adding a small amount of water to the product will reduce the texture profile and can provide more of an orange peel texture.

    By SPRAY:

    Apply spray grade by Hopper Gun, pressure pot or airless spray system in a complete even coat to the entire surface to completely seal and protect the surface. Once the base coat is dry,apply a spray texture coat by lowering the air break-up pressure. Spray pressures will be dependent on the type of spray equipment being used. Test the spray application technique first on a piece of cardboard and note pressure settings needed to accomplish the finish desired. Typical pressure pot base coat application uses only 10 to 15# of fluid pressure and 30# of air pressure. Texturing uses 20# of fluid pressure and only 5-10# of air pressure.

    Higher air pressure=smaller dots. Lower air pressure produces larger dots. Higher fluid pressure + Higher air pressure produces a smoother, orange peel surface. Multiple color spatters create a “stone look” finish!

    Allow all materials to dry thoroughly through air drying or forced drying in a baking oven. Do not exceed temperatures of 150° F for drying. Heating speeds up the curing process of DuraTex but normal air drying will accomplish the same finished result over time. (Oven heating is optional, but facilitates rapid production throughput.) Do not apply this product to damp surfaces or when surface temperature is or will be below 65° F and when Relative Humidity is above 70%.


    To store containers that have been previously opened, spray a fine mist of water onto the coating surface in the container before resealing the lid. This raises humidity levels in the container and can help prevent the product drying or skinning over in the container.!



    CAUTIONS : Keep from freezing. Use only with adequate ventilation. Wear niosh approved organic vapor cartridge mask when applying or sanding in confined area. Do not take internally. Close container after each use. Keep out of the reach of children! Avoid eye and skin contact. Wear goggles. Shelf life at least one year when stored at 75°F in original unopened containers.

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