Advanced Specialty Architectural Emulsions (For Direct to Metal Coatings (DTM)

Introduction to Kamicryl-PR Series

KAMICRYL PR SERIES Resin is an aqueous acrylic emulsion polymer based on KAMICRYL PR SERIES Acrylic Resin Technology. It is an ambient temperature self-crosslinking polymer, and offers formulators a single resin which can be formulated into corrosion-resistant primers, highly durable topcoats, and high gloss direct-to-metal (DTM) finish coats. The novel technology behind the KAMICRYL PR SERIES Acrylic Resin product line leads to new standards in corrosion control, metal adhesion, film gloss, durability, and chemical and solvent resistance. One aspect of this technology is the formation of polymer-pigment composite particles, which results in a more homogeneous pigment distribution in the dry film, and coatings with better barrier properties, enhanced corrosion resistance and greater durability. The benefits of KAMICRYL PR SERIES

Acrylic Resin Technology make KAMICRYL PR SERIES Resin a great match for both factory and field applied finishes for metal, concrete and masonry substrates.

Features and Benefits

  • • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • • Excellent water and blister resistance
  • • High gloss
  • • Excellent adhesion (especially to metal substrates, such as steel, galvanized steel or untreated aluminum)
  • • Excellent exterior durability
  • • Ambient self-crosslinking offers excellent chemical and solvent resistance
  • • APEO-free (made without the use of APEO surfactants)

  • Appearance White milky liquid
    Solids 52%
    pH 9.0
    Viscosity (Brookfield, #3/30rpm) <1000 cP
    T g 35°C
    Density (lbs/gal) 8.80