Advanced Specialty Architectural Emulsions


KAMICRYL PR-C18 is a premium APEO free pure acrylic copolymer emulsion with wide array of performance property improvements.

KAMICRYL PR-C18 has good adhesion to metals thus use as self-primers

KAMICRYL PR-C18 has good tannin blocking properties

KAMICRYL PR-C18 has excellent Stain resistant properties.

KAMICRYL PR-C18 has good Solvent resistant properties.

KAMICRYL PR-C18 would require coalescent for film formation especially at lower temperatures & good UV resistance.

KAMICRYL PR-C18 delivers significant improvements in titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment utilization by improving opacity & tint strength by 5 % to10% thus impacting positively on the cost & performance, due to lower utilization of titanium dioxide

KAMICRYL PR-C18 is very suitable for high PVC paints due to very good binding capacity properties with improved scrubs

Typical Properties

Type Anionic acrylic copolymer emulsion
Appearance Milky whitish yellowish
Non Volatiles 52%± 2
Glass Transition Temperature 16°C
PH 7.0 to 9.0
Viscosity 100 to 650 cps
Density 1.06 to 1.085

Benefits :

  • • Good binding capacity & high scrubs, high solids
  • • Direct adhesion to metals & use in metal primers
  • • Good adhesion to alkyd, galvanized iron
  • • Good adhesion to timber, concrete and masonry
  • • Multipurpose coatings for decorative paints for interior & exterior
  • • Good exterior durability & gloss retention
  • • Eco-friendly, APEO free
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