At Kamsons Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., we strive hard to deliver the best to our customers through constantly upgrading our quality of services. Through our efficient logistics management system we are able to deliver the right product to the right customer in time.

Our team constantly keeps in touch with the customers to understand their specific requirements and offer the best services possible. It is because of these high quality services that today we Export 50% of our Production to various Countries around the Globe such as Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Middle-East, Africa & Europe. We also cater 50% of our production to the local Indian markets where our clients are the leaders in their respective fields.

We regularly take in feedback from our stakeholders and work towards improving the quality of our services with the objective of making Kamsons the best in its category.

It is the result of these endeavors that most of our customers in Paints, Construction Chemicals, Water based Inks sectors have been doing business with us since inception.