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Waterbased Exterior PU Modified Water Proofing Membrane

High Performance, Polyurethane hybrid UV stable, Ecofriendly Flexible, Water-based modified water proofing membrane.

KAMFLEX WP is a Class III , international waterproofing building code of practice standards, approved by Australia CSRIO ( NATA) lab certified flexible single component liquid membrane. Based on an advanced polyurethane modified water based polymer which is a proven solution for weatherproofing & waterproofing applications for use in roofing, basement, shower recesses etc. available in various limited colours

KAMFLEX WP cures to a permanently flexible seamless membrane that has good adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Unlike more traditional bitumen based products,

KAMFLEX WP Since it is elastomeric it is not adversely affected by WPremes of temperature consequently it does not crack at low temperatures or suffer thermal flow at elevated temperatures


Suitable for use on many porous substrates including Gyprock, fibre cement, concrete, render brickwork, render and plasterboard. KAMFLEX WP can be used to help water/damp proof basements, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and decks, shower recesses, repair and restoration of leaking roofs as well as a damp proof membrane in sandwich panel construction. It is also suitable for Deck area,s & can be used in planter boxes and retaining walls as long as it is protected by drainage or Coreflute.


KAMFLEX WP provides many benefits to the user including

  • � Water based for easy clean up in water
  • � Flexible Class 3 membrane ( 300% + Elongation)
  • � Eco-Friendly low odour for easy use without irritation
  • � Fast drying can be recoated after 3-5 hours at normal room temperature
  • � Fast drying can be recoated after 3-5 hours at normal room temperature
  • � UV stable non yellowing, can be used externally
  • � UV stable non yellowing, can be used externally
  • � KAMFLEX WP External/Internal applications can be used both internally and externally (saves the user from buying two separate water proofing systems)
  • � Compatible works well with many cement based tile adhesive
  • � Reinforcement does not requiring reinforcing for it to be effective
  • � Excellent crack-bridging properties
  • � Passes the Australia / Newzealand international waterproofing building code of practice standards, approved by CSRIO ( NATA) lab.
  • Typical Properties

    Water based coloured paste

    Cure Time at 25°C Full cure after 5-7 days
    Pot Life Not applicable
    Recoating 3-5 hours at 20°C
    Density/Spec. grav. 1.27 +/- -0.05 kg/litre
    Elongation at break

    300% +  at 20°C

    Instructions for Use
    Surface Preparation

    General - Surface should be sound, clean and free of dust, oil, grease and curing compound. Loosely adhered particles such as rust scale, cement smears should be thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush or another such implement.

    Concreteall new concrete surfaces must be fully cured (6-8 weeks) with a semi-rough surface appearance. Rendered surfaces must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 7 days prior to the commencement of waterproofing. All surfaces must as level as possible with a slope variation not exceeding 4mm.

    Gypsum/Plasterboard sheets must be installed to the manufacturer's guidelines with all joints being covered with a 50mm wide PP or PE tape whilst all screw/nail heads must be sealed with epoxy. When used as a wall substrate, sheet thickness should be a minimum 10mm thick.

    Fibre Cement sheets when used as a floor/wall underlay sheets should be a minimum 6mm thick whilst compressed fibre cement sheets should be a minimum 9mm thick for walls and 15mm thick for floor applications.

    Metal Surfaces ensure surfaces are rust free with any hairline cracks being filled with a suitable gap filler whilst cracks larger than 2mm should be filled .


    All surfaces to be primed with the same product diluted with 20% water whilst metal surfaces need to be primed with a suitable water based primer.

    The primer can be applied with a brush, roller or squeegee depending on the size of the area required to be primed. Allow 10�30 minutes at a temperature of 20 �C for the primer to dry before commencing to waterproof with KAMFLEX WP.

  • � Remove all loose material by vigorous brushing, wire brush if necessary.
  • � Treat any fungal growth with proprietary fungicide as recommended.
  • � Allow surface to clean .
  • � Fill cracks and voids with a mastic sealants .
  • � Prime with PRIMER ( 6 - 12 m� / It depending on substrate porosity ) which within 1-3 hours.
  • � Once the primer is completely dry then apply first coat which when dried follow it up with the second coat at 90� right angles to the first coat ensuring a complete coverage. Please note that air bubbles trapped under the surface must be removed in order to achieve the maximum waterproofing effect. Apply third coat if required

  • � KAMFLEX WP requires to apllied at minimum thickness of 1.2 mm of DRY FILM THICKNESS (DFT) in 2 coats
  • � Apply a minumum 1litrecoverage @ 0.9 sq/m per coat in two coats perpendicular to each other over a primed surface
  • � In case of multi-coat application, the previous coat should be touch dry depending on the weather conditions).
  • � Ensuring that the surface is smooth and without any pinholes allow 24 hours at 20�C before commencing to apply a suitable tile adhesive. Please note that a third coat may be required if any imperfections are present in the membrane.
  • � KAMFLEX WP can be applied by brush or roller without the need to mix, stir or heat before application. KAMFLEX WP can be made into a sprayable grade.
  • Cleaning

    All tools and implements should be thoroughly cleaned with water immediately after use.

    Supplementary Notes

    The dry film thickness ( DFT ) of KAMFLEX WP should not be less than 0.55mm or more than 1.0mm for each coat. Rough surfaces will reduce the coverage rate and consequently more material must be allowed to achieve the minimum DFT.

    Surfaces previously treated with silicone-based materials will inevitably be difficult to overcoat and this should not be attempted with KAMFLEX WP

    Substrates with poor adhesion to the underlying structure ( e.g. blistered roofing felt ) may also cause problems in providing sound over-coating.

    Preferential vapour drive in buildings must also be borne in mind when over-coating the roof and it may be judged expedient to employ ventilation to cope with transmission of high levels of moisture vapour.

    Coverage rates may vary with surface and porosity. The information given is based on average usage. A site trial is recommended.

    Minor damage to KAMFLEX WP can be repaired by removing loose membrane; cleaning the surrounding area with water; overlapping by 150mm; priming the area with PRIMER and finishing with two coats of KAMFLEX WP .

    KAMFLEX WP is available in various colours on request..

    KAMFLEX WP works best when it is applied when the temperature is between 50C and 400C Health, Safety and Handling

    Health, Safety and Handling

    Avoid prolonged contact with skin. To avoid accidental contact with eyes please wear protective clothing, goggles, gloves, safety shoes etc if accidental contact with eyes does occur, immediately flush with water and seek medical advice.


    DFT(DryFilm Thickness)


    Top Coat

    Wt. Approx
    Number of top coats
    1.2mm 6-12m²/L 1L 1.27 Kg 2 coats
    1.8 mm 6-12m²/L 1.5L 1.97 Kg 3 coats

    The above DFT is achieved by single Primer coat ( 6-10m�/L) followed by minimum of 2 top coats perpendicular to each other ( 0.9 m�/L )

    The service periods quoted for these systems are indicative only and take no account of mechanical or other damage which may occur during the life of the system.

    Storage/Shelf Life

    When stored in a cool, dry place the contents of the original unopened container can typically be used approximately twelve (12) months from the date of manufacture.


    KAMFLEX WP can be supplied in any packaging form on request. Ie: 20 litre pails, drums

    Company Policy

    The information given in this Technical Data Sheet on KAMFLEX WP and its use and application is given in good faith and is based on knowledge and experience of the product. This information is given in accordance with the latest technical developments. In reality, differences in substrates, conditions and materials may occur which will void any warranty in respect to the fitness for any particular purpose of this product. The Company does not accept any liability based on the advice given or the performance of this product.

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