Acrylic Polymer Emulsions for Waterproofing, Construction Chemicals, Paint Emulsions, Bopp Tape Adhesives, Waterbased Printing Inks

Nano-Acrylics for Paints, Coatings on Metal, Wood


KAMICRYL 60-SC HG is a self-crosslinking acrylic copolymer emulsion suitable for a wide range of substrates. Its outstanding gloss, substrate penetration and adhesion, and mix of hardness with flexibility provide a unique set of properties for the paint formulator to work with. This emulsion is used for manufacturing water based gloss enamels.

Type Anionic, acrylic copolymer emulsion
Appearance Translucent – slightly milky emulsion
Solid Content 47 ± 1%
Viscosity in B4 cup 40 - 180 seconds
pH 7 to 8.5
MFFT (°C) 54 °C
Volatiles water
Neutralising agent ammonia
Density @ 20°C, Kg/litre 1.05
Key Features And Benefits To Formulators
  • Superior gloss and clarity in water-based technology
  • Nano-particle size emulsion
  • Excellent substrate penetration and adhesion
  • Very good hardness development.
  • Excellent resistance to dirt pick-up
  • Outstanding wet adhesion and water resistance
  • Applicable on wide variety of substrates, eg metals, concrete, masonry, glass, wood