Sound Damping Coating

These specialty, open cell foam rollers impart a beautiful texture and do it more effectively than any textile or sponge roller. They allow you to make an extremely uniform texture and they’re easy to use.

You can achieve either a coarse texture or a fine texture depending on the amount of DuraTex you apply per coat. You can then lightly roll over the wet DuraTex to impart a lighter texture if so desired.

These rollers are super easy to clean and you can re-use them over and over again. As soon as you're done roller coating just simply wash the roller out with plenty of water and let it dry. Unlike other textile and sponge rollers, these open cell foam rollers wash out completely clean and ready to go.

The 4" size is perfect for small to medium size enclosures and for getting into crevices and tight areas.

The 9" roller is great for large enclosures or for applying DuraTex to any large area.