Acrylic Emulsions for Paints

Kamicryl - 6400

Kamicryl - 6400 is a low foaming Acrylic Dispersant in solution form and is ideal for dispersing a variety of inorganic solids and reactive pigments in water borne systems. It is especially useful in systems involving dispersions of inorganic solids, such as titanium dioxide and extenders.

It has good dispersing action over a wide pH range and imparts good stability to the emulsion paint. (Max effectiveness : pH 9-10).

It is soluble in polar solvents like water and glycerine.

Typical Properties
Appearance : Clear, pale yellow liquid.
Brookfield Viscosity
(RVT No. 4/20rpm, 30°C)
: 1-8 poise
Solids Content : 29 + 1 %
pH : 2 - 4
Suggested Applications

The high viscosity of Kamicryl-5360 solutions, even at low concentrations, suggests their use to suspend pigments and fillers in water- based paints, inks or other coatings and the abrasive particles in waxes or polishes. Dispersions of high density pigments thickened to only 500 to 1000 cps, show no tendency to separate after several months storage. Kamicryl-5360 shows little flocculating effect of pigment dispersions in marked contrast to some other thickeners.

Kamicryl-5360 is also useful for viscosity adjustment of emulsion and latex compounds of many types.