Acrylic Polymers for Construction Chemicals


Nature : Aqueous, plasticizer-free, anionic acrylic/styrene copolymer
Product Specification :
Solids content 57 + 1 %
Viscosity at 30 0C in Brookfield 100 - 450 cps
Viscometer spindle 2 / 50 rpm  
Viscosity in Ford Cup 20 – 40 Seconds
pH 7.0 - 8.5
Other properties of the dispersion :
Density at 20°C ca. 1.04 g/cm3
Average particle size ca. 0.2 µm
Minimum film-forming temperature <1°C
Resistance to frost Not resistant
Properties of the film :
Density at 20°C ca. 1.08 g/cm3
Glass transition temperature Tg ca. - 6 °C
Tensile stress at break ca. 0.3 N/mm2
Surface Tacky
Water absorption after immersion for 24 hours 5-10 %
Appearance Clear, transparent
Resistance to ageing Good
Stability to light Good
Application :

Kamicryl - 400 is an aqueous polymer dispersion based on Styrene / Acrylates. It is compatible with cement and suitable for cement modification / cementitious compositions. Mortars modified with Kamicryl -400 have good flexibility and durability as well as compressive and impact strength. Kamicryl - 400 can also be used as crack filling and tile jointing compound by mixing with white cement. Other applications for Kamicryl-400 that merit mention are bridging systems and flexible coatings on flat roofs.


If it is kept in tightly closed containers, Kamicryl-400 has a shelf life of up to six months at 10 - 300C.