Elastomeric & Waterproofing Emulsions



  • Kamflex 500 HYB is a tough elastomeric urethane acrylic dispersion designed for various Metals & masonry substrates.
  • Good stain resistance & flexible properties.
  • Good efflorescence resistance
  • Applications:

    Kamflex 500 HYB has good adhesion to a variety of substrates and provides coatings with a very tough & Good tensile strength with good flexible properties, it has excellent dirt pick-up resistance over a wide temperature range Good adhesion to metals.

    The Elongation and recovery properties of the polymer allow coatings to bridge dimensionally unstable cracks without Rupturing.

    Typical Properties
    Type : Urethane Acrylic Dispersion
    Appearance : Whitish, Milky liquid

    pH ( @ 25°C as packed)

    : 100-600
    Viscosity, cps : 7.0-8.5
    Glass Transition Temperature : < -12 °C
    Specific Gravity (20°C; kg/l) : 1.06 +/- 2
    Solid content by weight : 50+/- 2%
    Storage precautions : Protect from freezing

    Film properties:

  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Excellent balance of tensile, toughness and elasticity at both high and low temperatures
  • Enables coating to maintain flexibility and bridge cracks.
  • Good stain resistant properties
  • Good efflorescence resistance
  • Good exterior durability & Dirt-resistant properties

  • Recommendation for end-use:

  • Elastomeric wall & roof coatings
  • Membrane applications.
  • Continuous under water immersion
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