Elastomeric & Waterproofing Emulsions

Kamthane RAR THX

100% Water based UV stable Acrylic Polyurethane Hybrid dispersion.


Kamthane RAR THX Urethane Hybrid dispersion is designed as a binder for elastomeric wall coatings. This emulsion produces durable coatings with the excellent elongation and recovery characteristics necessary to bridge dimensionally unstable cracks without cracking or wrinkling.

Kamthane RAR THX emulsion employs a chemistry that imparts excellent dirt pickup resistance to coatings based on it. As a result, these formulations retain an attractive appearance as they age. In addition to elasticity and durability, coatings based on Kamthane RAR THX emulsion are permeable to water vapor, which permits moisture in the masonry substrate to escape without causing blisters.

Features   Benefits
100% acrylic composition Exceptional exterior durability
  Excellent elastic recovery and resilience properties
Dirt-resistant chemistry   Maintains attractive appearance
Internally plasticized Permanently flexible
  Avoids use of external plasticizer
Low glass transition temperature
  Enables coating to maintain flexibility across
a broad temperature range
Typical Physical Properties
Appearance Bluish Milky liquid
Solids content, % by weight 47- 49
pH 7- 9
Viscosity Brookfield at 25°C (cps) 10-100
Specific Gravity (20˚C; Kg/I) 1.03
MFFT (°C) 0
Storage stability Protect from freezing