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Hygiene Coatings for Cleanrooms

Hygiene Coatings for Cleanrooms

KAMTHANE K- 2016 is an aliphatic hybrid polyurethane dispersion exhibiting excellent hardness and chemical resistance for use in various industries.

Typical Properties
Type anionic urethane hybrid, dispersion
Appearance white translucent bluish
Total solids (% w/w) 35%± 1
pH (25°C) 7.5 -9.0
Viscosity, cps 40 -160
Volatile 6.5 % NMP
Density of dipsersion (kg/l) 1.04
Elongation at break 190%
Konig hardness 150
Freeze/thaw stability stable
Film Properties

Excellent water and solvent resistance.

Excellent abrasion and chemical resistant.

Good saponification resistance.

Recommendation For End-use

Multi-surface paints.

Parquet lacquers.

Floor coatings.

Plastic coatings.

Wall coatings.

Joinery paints.

General Guidelines

Kamthane K-2016 may need the addition of coalescents for proper film formation.

The addition of wetting and/ or levelling agents and defoamers is required.

Kamthane K-2016 can be combined with limited acrylics.