Novel Polyurethane Hybrids & Acrylics Direct To Concrete For Floor Emulsions


KAMICRYL 340 CC is a unique hydrophobic Pure acrylic hybrid dispersion which displays outstanding water resistant properties. Due to the hydrophobic nature of the film, it does not tend to blush in water and tends to remain a clear film even after long periods of water immersion. It has very good adhesion to masonry substrates including concrete and smooth pavers.

Excellent PU hybrid for clear coatings with outstanding UV & weathering properties due to silicone polycarbonate backbone.

Permanent water repellant & water beading properties due to silicone backbone.

Typical Properties

Type : Anionic acrylic hybrid copolymer emulsion
Appearance : Milky white
Solid Content : 48% + 2 %
MFFT : 35 °C
Viscosity in B4 cup : 30-120 seconds
MFFT (°C) : 35° C
Glass Temperature : 42° C
pH : 7.5 to 9
Viscosity (BS4) : 100 - 300 cps
Density : 1.06 + 2
Film properties:
  • Direct adhesion to masonry substrates
  • Good water repellent properties
  • Good water beading properties
  • Excellent penetration and adhesion to a large variety of substrates
  • Excellent water, solvent, chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Good flow and leveling properties

  • Recommendation for end-use:
  • Clear wall coatings & sandstone coatings
  • Multi-surface coatings and joinery paints
  • Parquet lacquers
  • Outstanding UV & weather resistance due to Silicone Polycarbonate back bone.
  • General guidelines
  • Kamthane PC 612 would coalescent agents for film formation.
  • Kamthane PC 612 can be combined with some Kamsons acrylics.
  • NOTE: Best results occur with hydrophobic solvent texanol which is very compatible when used with Kamicryl 340 CC resulting to no water whitening or blushing

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