Texture Coatings & Roof Pointing Emulsions

Typical Properties
Nature Styrene acrylic APEO & NPE free copolymer dispersion
Product Specification Solids content 50 + 2 %
  Viscosity at 23+ C in Brookfield 500 - 4500
  Viscometer spindle 4 / 20 rpm  
  pH 7.5 - 9.0
Other properties of the
Density at 20 °C ca. 1.04 + 2 g/cm3
  Average particle size ca. 0.1- 0.12 m
  Minimum film-forming temperature 21 °C
  Dispersion type Anionic
  Miscibility with water Good
  Gloss effect Good
  Pigment binding capacity Excellent
Properties of the film Density at 20 °C ca. 1.05 g/cm3
  Glass transition temperature Tg 20 °C
  Surface Non-tacky
  Appearance Clear, transparent
  Resistance to ageing Good


Kamicryl-297 LV is used for the production of high-gloss to matt indoor and outdoor coatings for application on plaster, masonry, asbestos cement, concrete, wood, and other substrates. Moreover, Kamicryl-297 LV is used as an impregnating agent, primer, binder for textured finishes, base material for producing pasty construction adhesives ceramic tile adhesives, and as an additive for hydraulic binders.