Acrylic Copolymer Polyurethane Dispersions (PUD's)


KAMICRYL – 24 SC is a self-crosslinking acrylic copolymer emulsion with excellent water and blocking resistance, transparency, non yellowing and excellent hardness, high clarity and gloss.

Typical Properties
Type : Anionic, acrylic copolymer emulsion
Appearance : Milky, White Emulsion
Solid Content : 50 ± 1 %
Viscosity in B4 cup : 17 – 35 seconds
pH : 7 to 9
Glass Transition Temp.(Tg) : 24°C
Volatiles : water
Neutralising agent : ammonia
Density @ 20°C, Kg/litre : 1.05
Key Features And Benefits To Formulators

Outstanding wet adhesion and water resistance Self-crosslinkable emulsion Excellent resistance to dirt pick-up Excellent exterior durability and early water resistance. Good adhesion on Plastics & Mansonary surfaces High and Fast hardness development. Excellent clarity and Good Gloss Excellent adhesion even to glass Excellent alkali resistance Excellent abrasion, Hardness and Non-film forming

Advantages Of Kamicryl Self Crosslinking Emulsions


  • Self-crosslinking pure acrylic emulsion
  • Accelerated crosslinking mechanism using latest technology provides superior results
  • Outstanding wet and dry adhesion to various substrates including glass, plastics, masonry, etc
  • Very high clarity and gloss
  • Eliminates blistering and any minimal blooming has no deleterious effect.
  • Excellent alkali resistance

Superior Early Water And Wash-Out Resistance
Outstanding Early Block Resistance
Excellent Hardness And Scrub Resistance
Provides All The High Uv And Exterior Durability Pure
Acrylics Are Renowned For
Extremely Low Dirt Pick-Up
Quick Cure Provides Faster Recoatability, Is Highly
Efficient On-Site.

Upgrade Your Standard Acrylics Or Ideal For Water Based Enamels, Cleanable Finishes, Wet Areas And Where Fresh Coating May Be Subject To Water Contact, Floors And Many Other Speciality Applications.