Water Based Polyurethane Dispersions (PUD's)


KAMTHANE K- 2016 is an aliphatic hybrid polyurethane dispersion exhibiting excellent hardness and chemical resistance for use in various industries.

Typical Properties
Type : anionic urethane hybrid, dispersion
Appearance : white translucent bluish.
Total solids (% w/w) : 35% ± 1
pH (25°C) : 7.5 -9.0
Viscosity, cps : 40 -160
Volatile : 6.5 % NMP
Density of dipsersion (kg/l) : 1.04
Elongation at break : 190%
Konig hardness : 150
Freeze/thaw stability stable
Film properties

Hard yet flexible,clear and UV reistant.
Excellent water and solvent resistance.
Excellent abrasion and chemical resistant.
Good saponification resistance.

Recommendation For End-use

Multi-surface paints.
Parquet lacquers.
Floor coatings.
Plastic coatings.
Wall coatings.
Joinery paints.

General Guidelines

Kamthane K-2016 may need the addition of coalescents for proper film formation.
The addition of wetting and/ or levelling agents and defoamers is required.
Kamthane K-2016 can be combined with limited acrylics.