Water Based Polyurethane Dispersions (PUD's)

Kamthane S-1801

Kamthane S-1801 is an aliphatic urethane dispersion designed for filmic primer applications. The product provides excellent adhesion to a variety of plastic substrates.

Typical Properties
Type : Aliphatic urethane dispersion
Appearance : blueish, hazy liquid
Total solids (% w/w) : 33 ± 1
pH (25°C) : 8
Viscosity Brookfield (25°C; mPa.s) : 100
Volatile : water
Neutralising agent : Ammonia
Density of dispersion (20°C; kg/l) : 1.02
Freeze/thaw stability : stable
Film Properties

Excellent adhesion to a large variety of substrates
Very high bond strength and humid seal strength when top coated with a sealable product
Suitable for various types of top coats (inc. anionic and cationic PVdC, acrylics, urethanes, hybrids)

Recommendation For End-use

Primer for filmic packaging industry (incl. food packaging)
Primer for filmic label and graphic applications

Formulating Guidelines

Optimum adhesion can be achieved when substrate is (Corona) treated
Kamthane S-1801 can be diluted with water in order to apply the required coat weight. At a very low solid content (< 5%), addition of a wetting agent might be needed for optimum wetting and adhesion
For excellent resistances addition of a crosslinker (1-5%) (Crosslinker CX-100, Crosslinker CX-300 or water dispersible polyisocyanate) can be recommended


All relevant data have been brought up-to-date in the Material Safety Data Sheet for Kamthane S-1801.